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The company was founded by Mr. Henry Lawy in 1957 in Lebanon, and then moved to Italy in 1967 and was established as an import-export company specialized in household goods, toys and electronics.


Since its birth it has undergone several evolutions until 1994, when it became Primatronic S.p.a. and assumed its current structure: an import company for third parties, which makes use of the collaboration of various agencies and external structures and which includes among its customers some of the largest chains of Italian GDO and specialized shops.


The company deals with all stages of the importation of goods from abroad: the research and identification of the product, the approval and certification, the creation of personalized packagings on customer request and the transport of the goods, with the maximum respect of all the relevant regulations at national and European level.


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Via L. da Vinci 281,
20090 Trezzano S/N (MI),

P.IVA :  IT 11584220153

tel. +39 024451241

       +39 024478086 

       +39 02 4478166

fax. +39 024478151

        +39 0248400141 

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